What Others Say…

As the general managers of a small business in the service industry, team work is key to our operations. We really appreciate how Sue’s coaching style has assisted us in solving interpersonal conflicts among staff. Through Sue’s advice we were able to address with staff their individual concern in their working relationships with other employees. Sue is a great resource for any small business owner needing help with conflict  resolution with anything from HR issues to customer relations to dealing with regulatory bodies.
– Bruce and Nancy MacLean General Managers/Owners-Operator Sasquatch Inn, Harrison Mills, BC

Susan brings a level of expertise to the table that benefits clients greatly  –  Her knowledge of how to investigate and analyze situations and put a caring human face in all her endeavors are great attributes.  She  will help  clients who are at odds with one another find common ground and  mutual  understanding. She can turn around conflict and help all parties learn,  grow, understand and reconcile with one another. She is a calming influence  in conflicted situations and is a skilled negotiator helping opposing individuals or groups break the impasse and move forward to resolution and reconciliation. Susan has been an effective mediator in very difficult circumstances and I strongly recommend her.
– James Neve – Former CSM Worksafe BC and former leader  of the Patient  Care Quality Office. Interior Health (Retired).

A skilled communicator who can negotiate through sensitive subjects. Very grateful for the help she provided a family member. Personable, Expert, High Integrity.
– Nancy Selwood, RMT- Nelson, BC

A very informative day. A great way to bring team together. Thank you Susan. You have an effective way to share your knowledge with our team
– Workshop participant

You managed comments well, not avoiding or minimizing them and especially assisting quieter individuals
– Workshop participant

Even  though I dread “group work”, I found it to be fun and enjoyed the activity. Thanks for the process
– Workshop participant