The economic impact of unproductive conflict is significant. What is it costing you and your business? Where is it showing up in your organization, workplace or board?

  • Unsuccessful attempts at restructuring?
  • Resistance by employees in adopting change?
  • HR investigations?
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled employees?
  • Increased sick time?
  • Decreased morale?
  • Poor quality decision-making?
  • Fewer sales?
  • Wasted time and resources?

Working with Me

When a leader of an organization, team or department contacts me I provide an initial 30-45 minute free consultation. This is so I can learn the presenting signs and symptoms you are experiencing and to make sure I am the right kind of specialist for you.

After this I outline my proposed plan, timeline and fee structure. For example, mediation is a high-value, cost-efficient way of resolving disputes in a short timeframe. An organizational intervention may require much greater inquiry so that I can better assess the root causes and underlying factors of what’s not working. A workplace investigation requires its own specialized plan and procedure.

My role is to provide the appropriate supports for lasting outcomes, not just more band-aids.  I will request that at least one or two employees or members of the client organization are included in the design and consultation process which leads to higher quality outcomes and better satisfaction, and equips internal leaders for when my involvement ends.

My fees are based on the size, challenges and goals of each particular case so that I can provide a much better value than charging straight hourly fees. Fees are typically four to five figures. A retainer-based option can also be arranged. Progress and satisfaction are evaluated throughout the contract term.

I am based in the Greater Vancouver Area and can offer services in person. If you are located outside this region I can design a plan to provide services that include a combination of in-person and electronic meetings and communication.