Do you ever wish you could “do conflict better?” Whether it is with our loved ones, our co-workers, our neighbors or even strangers we may not see again, many people feel unskilled and unequipped to deal with conflict interactions. Not all conflict can or will be successfully resolved. But with a few more tools, conflict and the related emotions that seem to go along with it can be better managed, leading to more confidence and enriched relationships, especially with people we care about.

Working with Me

As a coach, my objective is to help you become more skilled and confident in conflict situations so that you stay calm, cool and collected. When an individual contacts me I offer a free 30 minute consultation to make sure I am the right specialist to help you. My intention is to provide short-term support that prepares you to meet a current challenge or tricky communication situation. I will help you discover your own primary mode for handling conflict, how to recognize what mode other people are in and strategies that work.

Other situations that people request my support for are:

  • Problem-solving and decision-making for individuals and families
  • Facilitating conversations for families facing elder-care decisions
  • Assisting separating/divorcing individuals with meeting and documentation preparation (not legal advice)
  • Attending a difficult or emotionally-laden meeting as a support person with an individual
  • Speaking more constructively or persuasively at work

After the initial consultation I will recommend a one, three or five session coaching package or a customized plan tailored to your particular situation. Packages begin at $150.00 and include follow up telephone and email support. This allows me to provide much better value than a straight hourly rate and keeps my focus on helping you meet your goal, not the clock. A retainer-based option can also be arranged.

If you are in need of conflict coaching and feel concerned about the fees, ask me about hosting a two-hour home-based conflict management seminar to bring your cost down.

I am based in the Greater Vancouver Area and can offer services in person. If you are located outside this region I can design a plan to provide services via Skype or Face Time or we can arrange to work together when travel brings me to your area. Reach out and let me know where you are and a little about your situation.