Many times siblings and parents are evaluating care options for Mom and Dad and there are different views about what is an agreeable decision.

I am very committed to relationships and understand firsthand the challenges of wanting to do right by aging parents. There is a need to respect their wishes and preferences and a need to balance and distribute the many practical, financial and day to day aspects of their daily living.  This can be a very emotionally-laden situation for siblings and families. It is my goal and privilege to help families experience a really constructive and meaningful decision-making process that respects each parents’ and each family members’ voice.

If you find yourself in such a situation, would this kind of process help?

  1. I conduct a 30-60 minute conversation by phone, Skype or Face Time with each family member individually, including the parent/s if they are cognitively able to participate. (Their consent must also be obtained.) This is to learn more about each person’s hopes, concerns and ideas about the care of your parents. I will also explore what each person sees as a challenge in the family’s communicating and decision-making about this situation. This will help me design an in-person session with the whole family, free from the potential roadblocks that may have been experienced up until now. The decision-making rests with the family. In my role I will guide your conversation in a meaningful, effective way that helps move things forward constructively.
  1. At the conclusion of the individual conversations with family members, I will propose by email an outline and process for a one-day face to face family meeting. Some members may join via webcam, if necessary. I will ask for each family member to review this plan and provide brief feedback to let me know that I am on track with providing the right assistance for your family, or if any modifications are needed. It is important to me that everyone feels prepared and confident about what to expect.
  1. Finally, I will facilitate an in-person family meeting that includes everyone’s input and voice. My goal is that each person will feel heard, respected and understood in regards to not only WHAT decisions are made, but also HOW decisions are made. This can be a valuable process for future events and decisions that will arise down the road.

More information is available at Sue Ogroske Conflict Management or 250-893-3483.

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Elder Care and Family Decision-Making
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